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Elena Xausa

Elena Xausa is 29 young, Italian and at the moment living in Berlins creative jungle. Pencil and paper are her preferred tools - when she starts she can’t stop. Her passion to draw, combined with her talent and unique vision soon made her a sought after illustrator working for Magazines like Rolling Stones and New York Times not to even mention helping the biggest brands and agencies around the globe communicate their ideas. When she is not tangled up in commercial projects she loves travelling and working on her personal projects.

Elena is a wonderfully playful artist with a unique vision. She has the perfect amount of empathy to really feel the brief and translate it into a piece of art. One of her talents is to reduces highly complex ideas and make them look almost naively simple. Is it her inner child that comes out to play or is it her playful spirit at work? We can’t wait to do a lot more projects together in order to find that out.