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Erik Righetti

Erik is an Artist by trade. Born and raised in the beautiful town of Verona Italy, he studied fine arts in Florence. Learning from the very best he soon realized that he rather draw and animate 24 images per second than spend months of work only on one single painting. His work his humorous, colorful but yet subtly and refined. He can spend days on hand animating a single water drop until its not only perfect but it’s re-defining realism. When Erik is asked to come up with concepts and stories he really starts to shine, with brilliantly simple ideas that no one would of every thought about!

When his not working you’ll most likely find him riding his light blue Vespa from the sixties or climbing a mountain in the alps.


We love to work with Erik since the very first day he came to our studio. His unbelievable creativity combined with his incredible Italian charm, and not to mention his passion for setting the perfect Key-Frame, make him a real industry benchmark. His best years in the field of animation are yet to come – good luck on the journey and hope to be trekking with you soon again.